California Junior Cowboys Association

4/15/2018 Year to date event and all around points

Please look over your points for events and all around and make sure everything looks correct.  If you see an error please contact Jennifer Tweedy ASAP 559-284-6102 Just a reminder that you will need to enter both June rodeos. There are no roll overs because that was used for the April rodeos.  If you have […]

UPDATED!!!!! 4/14 and 4/15 Day Sheets and Order of Events

UPDATED!!! I had a few changes on some of the day sheets so this should be the final copy and will be used at both rodeos. ** Calf/Goat boy event has been moved back behind the 7-10 goats to allow the boys enough time to come from rough stock events!!! 4-14-2018 Order of Events 4-14-2018 […]

April Rodeos Contestant by Event

Please look over both contestant by event sheets for 4/14 and 4/15.  Since I had to roll over entries from March and there have been lots of emails and text message changes from members please double check before I post the draw next week on Wednesday. If you see an error please contact me ASAP […]

4-5-2018 Current Membership and Collected Sponsorship List

Here is the most current list of CJCA paid membership and kids who have turned in sponsorship money. 

March 10 Rodeo Canceled

We have decided to CANCEL the March 10 rodeo due to a very wet arena and unsafe conditions for our kids and horses.

3-10-2018 Contestants by events

Please look over your contestant to make sure they are entered correctly.

2-18-2018 Year to Date Points Events and All Around

Please look over the year to date event points and year to date all around points. 

2-18-2018 Order of Events and Day Sheets

Here are the order of events and day sheets for our rodeo this Sunday 2/18/2018.

2/18/2018 CJCA Rodeo Contestants By Events

Please look over the contestants by events to make sure your entered in the right events and age group.  If you see an error please contact Jennifer Tweedy.

1-13-2018 Points for Events and All Around

Please look over your points. If you see an error please call Jennifer Tweedy 559-284-6102.