California Junior Cowboys Association

March 2020 Rodeo Sheets & Rodeo Info!

March 14, 2020 Rodeo:
Order of Events
TEAM ROPING MIX 11-19 final day sheets3.14
final day sheets3.14
final day sheets pee wee3.14

March 15, 2020 Rodeo:
Order of Events
TEAM ROPING MIX 11-19 final day sheets 3.15
final day sheets 3.15
final day sheets pee wee 3.15

Dear Contestants,

CJCA is excited for our March Rodeo!

*PLEASE remember to go online and submit your 2020 sponsorship………They are DUE NO LATER than March 15th (cash or check)
*We will be having a 50/50 ticket sale this weekend…… bring your cash to get in on this event. (cash only)
*CJCA will have 2020 T-shirts for sale at the Secretary Booth for $15 each (Cash or Check)

Please don’t forget:
1. These rodeos will be at the Woodlake Rodeo Grounds in Woodlake, CA.
2. ALL new members/contestants must submit a copy of their birth certificate to the secretary before they can compete. If you have not done this you can email a copy to or drop one off to her at the secretary booth before the start of the rodeo.

3. There is not very good cell phone coverage at the rodeo grounds.
4. PLEASE follow the Order of Events. We do not have exact times for when events will begin. Two calls for your up will be made. No shows will result in you being disqualified for that event.
5. You are encourage to bring your own chairs to be comfortable.
6. There will be a taco truck, a BBQ Truck, & Kona Ice selling food.
7. ALL contestants must be in western attire to compete. Please see rules.
8. Please be prepared for your events you are competing in. Have the appropriate equipment and items for your events. See rules.
9. Cowboy hats must remain on during competition. Loss of your hat will result in a $1 fine before return of the hat to contestants. Fines can be paid to the arena attendee holding the hat
10. CJCA as gone “GREEN”. Please print your sheets to follow along or see the rodeo sheets on the rodeo board by the secretary booth.
11. Sheets are subject to change. If changes occur the secretary will post new sheets on the rodeo board. 
12. Please pick up after yourself. Woodlake is very generous to CJCA. Let’s leave it better than we find it.
We’re looking forward to a great weekend of rodeo!!!!!!

Any questions can be texted to Tanya Lyon at 559-351-1203

Thank you,
Tanya Lyon
CJCA Secretary