California Junior Cowboys Association

Rodeo Information & Update as of 4/5/2020

Dear Rodeo Contestants & Members,

CJCA would like to thank everyone for their patients and consideration………….. and for sitcking with us through this difficult time.  As a board we have been watching the current COVID19 situation unfold in our nation. Daily changes in our state and nation have been hard to believe and difficult to deal with, but we our trying to do our best for our members and contestants. As an organization we miss our rodeo kids and we know they are missing rodeo too.

CJCA is not, and does not want, to give up on our season just yet. We currently have a plan to get our kiddos competing again soon. Of course, this is a tentative plan and could change depending on the nation’s COVID19 situation.

As of now this is what CJCA is doing to keep our season going and to get these kiddos back into the arena competing as soon as possible:

  1. March Rodeo Situation: The March rodeo entries will stay in the computer ready to go for our next rodeo. Anyone who was on the Contestants by Events list for March 14th & March 15th will have their entry rolled over to our next offered rodeos planned for Saturday, June 20th & Sunday, June 21st rodeo.
    **If you are unable to attend the next offered rodeos by CJCA you may request a refund from the rodeo secretary. (Tanya @559-351-1203)
  2. Sponsorships: CJCA has voted to move the deadline to the next offered rodeo date of Sunday, June 21st. Thank you to to everyone who has currently turned in their  sponsorship. All sponsorship previously turned in by check or cash to the rodeo secretary will be deposited the week of April 13th.
    We know some of our CJCA families may be experiencing difficult times due to the current COVID19 situation. If you have not sent in your 2020 sponsorship it will be due anytime before June 21st.
    *It is preferred that sponsorship payments are made on the CJCA site under the sponsorship tab, but can still be mailed anytime to Tanya Lyon at 11820 E. Princeton Ave, Sanger, CA 93657.
  3. May 9th & May 10th Rodeo in Coarsegold, CA will be CANCELLED
    Unfortunately it is with a heavy heart that CJCA is canceling the May Coarsegold Rodeo.  Looking ahead at the current conditions in California, and considering the predictions of what state officials are saying, the CJCA Board has decided to cancel the May rodeo in Coarsegold.
  4. June 20th & June 21st Rodeo in Woodlake: We will RODEO in June as of now. Our rodeo will be in Woodlake, CA as originally planned.
  5. Extending Our Season: CJCA has voted to extend our season and to give our kiddos an opportunity to rodeo. We are extending our season to account for the current canceled March and May rodeos and to help give our kids an opportunity to rodeo and do what they love this summer.CJCA will be adding a few dates to our calendar to give our kids and any NEW MEMBERS an opportunity to compete. Of course this is a tentative plan, the COVID19 situation could change this plan. CJCA will monitor the situation in California and continually update you in a timely manner. Updates will be posted on our website, FB, and email as soon as we have them.
  6. CJCA Rodeo Finals will be moved to August- Date & Location TBA
  7. July 25th & July 26th will be a regular CJCA Season Rodeo- Location TBA
  8. August CJCA Rodeo Finals- Date & Location TBA
    **Please remember to qualify for awards in August 2020 you must be a 2020 CJCA member, pay your 2020 sponsorship, and compete in 50% of the offered rodeos during the current season.


2020 CJCA Calendar
May- Canceled
June 20th & 21st / Woodlake, CA
July 25th & 26th / Date & Location TBA
August CJCA Rodeo Finals / Date & Location TBA

If you have any concerns or questions you my call Tanya Lyon at 559-351-1203.
Thank you again for your support and we look forward to rodeoing soon,
2020 CJCA Rodeo Board