Stock Contractors

The CJCA strives to offer stock that is well matched for each age group and will build confidence in our young contestants. 

Each year stock bids open immediately after our finals rodeo and remain open until December 1st. If you're a stock contractor and would like to submit a bid to supply stock in our upcoming season, please click the "Submit a Stock Bid" button, fill out which events you would like to supply stock for and submit your application.

Stock events include:

Timed Events:
  • Team Roping (Steers)

  • Steer Stopping (Steers)

  • Breakaway Roping (Muley calves)

  • Tie-Down Roping (calves)

  • Boys Calf/Goat Tying (Young calves or large goats)

  • Goat Tying (Goats)

  • Chutedogging (Dogging steers)

Roughstock Events:
  • Saddle Bronc

  • Bareback Bronc

  • Senior Bulls

  • Junior Bulls

  • Calf Riding 

  • Mutton Busting (Sheep)

California Junior Cowboys Association